Sunday, February 19, 2012

What's Your Moon Sign?

When people read their general horoscope, they usually just focus on their Sun Sign- that is the astrological sign where sun was seated at the time of your birth.  However, astrology can become in depth, intricate and detailed once you begin to learn about where different heavenly bodies where at the time of your birth.  For me, the influence of the Moon sign can be as significant as the Sun sign.  Where the Sun Sign expresses your outward personality and how you shine in the outside world and dealings with others, the Moon Sign expresses your inward personality.  The Sun sign is bright and active, while the Moon sign is gentle, passive, and a private matter.  Though the traits of a Moon sign may not be as bold as the Sun, they are felt internally, effecting your moods, intuition, and emotions. The Moon deals with feelings, emotions, internal attitudes, intuition, feminine principles and your private life. 

If you are unsure about your Moon Sign, you can find out at  Please feel free to add more qualities in the comments if you would like!

Moon in Aries
The person who has Moon in Aries is engaging, spontaneous, proactive, original and inventive.  You can be very encouraging and supportive, and are always open to new ideas.  Once you express your feelings, you feel as though you can move onwards and upwards.  In this lifetime, your goal is to develop patience and to avoid unnecessary confrontation.  In relationships, you would benefit from someone who is bold and outspoken.

Moon in Taurus

The person who has Moon in Taurus is charming, proud, sensual, sensitive, and romantic. You like comfort and need to feel like you are going with the flow, all while enjoying the comfort and stability of routine.  Fond of music, art and dance, you may have a great voice.  Even though you are timid, you can be very affectionate.  In this lifetime, your goal is to avoid laziness and jealousy.  In relationships, you are loyal and can benefit from those who teach you to not fear change.

Moon in Gemini

The person who has Moon in Gemini is curious, witty, knowledgeable, impulsive and versatile. You have a great sense of humor and love to play with words.  As a person who loves the written word, you love to read, learn easily, have great focus, and may also be a great communicator.  In this lifetime, you goal is to share your feelings with others and avoid secrecy.  Meditation may ease any tension or nerves you feel.  In relationships, you would benefit from those who teach you how to reach a deeper level of bonding.

Moon in Cancer
The person who has Moon in Cancer is protective, nurturing, thrifty and intuitive.  You are very connected to your imagination and emotions. You can be very expressive, feeling every experience you have in great emotional detail and memory.  In this lifetime, your goal is to better understand yourself and your intuitive abilities. In relationships, you would benefit from those allow you to express yourself and explore your intuitive nature.

Moon in Leo

The person who has Moon in Leo is dramatic, charismatic, generous, inspiring and self sufficient.  You need to feel appreciated, and luckily, you have a dynamic sexual attractiveness that people are drawn to.  In this lifetime, your goal is to learn to be gentler with others.  Although you are able to evaluate others accurately, learn to be sweet and treat others as you would want to be treated.  In relationships, you benefit from those you give you a great deal of attention and positive feedback.

Moon in Virgo

The person who has Moon in Virgo is analytical, helpful, practical and proactive. You are on a path of self development and love to share your experiences with others.  You may come off as humble or shy, yet would make an excellent confidant.  You are methodical, and feel most comfortable when everything is clean and organized around you.  In this lifetime, your goal is to ease off on critical and nagging tendencies, rather turning your attention to your physical health and well being. In relationships, you would benefit from those who teach you not to be so difficult on yourself.

Moon in Libra
The person who has Moon in Libra is fair, charming, sweet, and easy to get along with.  You discover truths about yourself, others, and the universe through trial and error.  You have a love for chivalry and are on a path of balance and peace, which all come in handy seeing as you hope to have everyone like you.  In this lifetime, your goal is to be honest with yourself and others, as well as to better understand your motives and ambitions in life.  In relationships, you would benefit from those you feel comfortable opening up to.

Moon in Scorpio
The person who has Moon in Scorpio is intense, deep, passionate, resourceful and moody.  You see yourself as profound and wise, and are searching for any opportunity to seek deep truths of the universe.  Your goal is to learn how to let out your emotions, and not to bottle them up. When you want something, you can go out and get it.  In this lifetime, your goal is to let go of grudges and forgive and forget. In relationships, you would benefit from someone who teaches you modesty in your words and patience.

Moon in Sagittarius
The person who has Moon in Sagittarius is inspirational, optimistic and adventurous and on a quest for higher knowledge.  You may have wanderlust, and even if you do not physically travel, your mind and spirit may be elsewhere. In this lifetime, your goal is to learn to be less reckless and think before you speak.  In relationships, you would benefit from someone who teaches you the importance of union and commitment.

Moon in Capricorn
The person who has Moon in Capricorn is ambitious, calm, collected, and productive.  You feel the best when you have recognition and achievements under your belt.  As a matter of fact, with dedication, you can receive much popularity and notoriety.  Even though you may seem very calm and cold, under the surface you could be incredibly emotional; however, you just do not expose this to the world. In this lifetime, as you learn how to appropriately express your feelings, your goal is to learn to be gentle and warm.  When you are feeling critical of others, envision others as being as quietly sensitive as you are.  You are incredibly focused, and would do well in relationships where the other person teaches you to relax.

Moon in Aquarius
The person who has Moon in Aquarius is expressive, emotional, and unique.  You are humane, and your desire to help others would be excellent in the field of social work or counseling.  In this life time, your goal is to learn to make yourself happy before you make other people happy.  In relationships, you would benefit from those who are as unique and free spirited as you are.

Moon in Pisces
The person who has Moon in Pisces is sensitive, esoteric, wise and has an open heart.
You are a gentle soul who is compassionate, tender, and intuitive. You may have a great love for poetry, arts, or mystical topics.  You must learn how to clear your energy and aura of other people's negativity.   In this lifetime, your goal is to learn to stay focused on important projects.  In relationships, you would benefit from those who are not only supportive of you, but push you to take action on all your dreams.

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