Saturday, May 28, 2011

Manifest Destiny Tarot Spread

I have always had trouble reading cards for myself. I don't think I'm alone on this- I've heard other readers, from beginner to professional, say that they have felt uncomfortable interpreting the cards for themselves. Although I don't think it applies to everyone, I do feel this spread is a lot of fun for practice, inspiration, and application. It is an easy spread to try on yourself, especially if you find self-readings a challenge. If you try it, please feel free to share your results and feelings about it. I also believe you can read it for other people as well, though I haven't tried it yet.


First, begin by going through your deck of cards, and pulling 13 cards you are drawn to. These are ones you may like the interpretation of or perhaps the image resonates with you.

Once you've picked your 13 cards, turn them upside down so you cannot see the card. Mix them around in front of you and pull the cards for the following positions:

1 ***** 3 ***** 5 ***** 7

2 ***** 4 ***** 6 ***** 8

***** 9 ***** 10 *****

Card 1: Where you are currently with spirituality & advice concerning spirituality
Card 2: Future events and manifestations of spirituality

Card 3: Where you are currently with finances & advice concerning finances
Card 4: Future events and manifestations of finances

Card 5: Where you are currently with love & advice concerning love
Card 6: Future events and manifestations of love

Card 7: Where you are currently with issues of health & advice concerning health
Card 8: Future events and manifestations of health

Card 9: A card about yourself
Card 10: A card about someone important in your life

Remaining cards: Things you can let go of currently

This spread is meant to create a feeling of inspiration and hope. It should allow you to see what is going well, and where you can enhance these areas in your life. Again, if you happen to try this for yourself or for someone else, please let me know how it turns out!