Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some of my favorite paranormal sites on the internet

I thought I would share with everyone some of my favorite internet sources for news on all things paranormal. I hope you enjoy the list, and if you have any more to share, please let me know!

Professor Hex Every afternoon I go onto Professor Hex for highlights on paranormal news. It’s a great source, and you will find yourself going back daily.

Cabinet of Wonders Another great site for information on strange and unusual news, ranging from unique encounters with ghosts to unusual photographs.

Cryptomundo Be sure to stop by Cryptomundo to catch up on the world of cryptozoology and Loren Coleman.

The Paranormalist Absolutely fantastic articles on paranormal subjects, written by the kind and talented John Carlson. Mr. Carlson does a great job responding to your posts, so you will feel like it is a truly interactive experience.

Esoteric Archives For the history-lovers, this site contains many exotic and bizarre grimoires and texts on esoteric topics. It’s chock-full of amazing, century-old texts on occultism and esotericism.

Coast to Coast AM You’ve gotta love George Noory, and his paranormal radio show, which airs from Los Angeles nightly at 10 p.m. pacific time. I have a-many memories of listening to the AM radio early in the morning, stunned by the tales his intriguing guests share with him.

Daily Grail This is another site I like to visit daily, as it is a resource for daily news in all things paranormal. There are plenty of articles on UFO sightings, as well as innovations in science.

MUFON Mutual U.F.O. Network is an amazing group where people go to report UFO sightings. On this page, you can search through thousands and thousands of reports on UFO sightings. If you are as curious as I am, use their search engine to see what reports have been made in your home state. You can also become a MUFON member here, and learn how to become an investigator for them.

Fortean Times A power house of strange and paranormal stories. There is a daily round up of weird news and feature articles well worth taking a look at.

Mysterious Universe Podcast I really enjoy listening to this podcast, which airs weekly. They read paranormal stories, give their input, and will occasionally have guest interviews.

The Paranormal Report with Clayton Morris and Jim Harold Podcast A fun little weekly 30-minute video featuring video clips and photographs from paranormal news in the week. Jim Harold, the host of the Paranormal Podcast, and Clayton Morris, Fox News correspondent, love to give their insight into some of the odd videos that pop up on youtube.